How often do you see the writer, director, photographer combination emerge from the U.S of A. Eddie O’Keefe again fits in to this bracket.


From Elmhurst, Illinois and a graduate from Columbia College in Chicago, it really didn’t him long to follow his passion to Los Angeles, California pursuing his direction for film at the American Film Institute.


A filmaker at heart, but an all-round creative paying homage to the 60’s American culture.


Already there are comparisons with his early work to the great Tarantino, and with inspirations like Pulp Fiction, Midnight Cowboy, The Graduate, Rushmore, American Graffiti, Bandlands, Rock’n’Roll and Band of Outsiders, we really hope he lives up to that hype.


Here’s a collection of his photography where you can see his style come in to full affect.


This is a guy to keep you eye on.